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Donning an AK prosthesis with a full ..

People who are able to ambulate with a transfemoral prosthesis are likely to ..

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better design transfemoral prosthesis.

Designed with the user in mind, the ALPS Extreme Prosthetic Liner is the perfect fit for transfemoral and active transtibial amputees. The Extreme offers 80% less vertical stretch than our other gel liners, which allows users to experience more control and stability during increased activity. This liner is formulated with ALPS GripGel or High Density Gel, which both contain properties that help facilitate the donning process as well as reduce pistoning and bunching behind the knee.

From the first time they don their dynamic prosthesis, transfemoral users ..

The socket of a prosthesis is an important part that serves as the interface between the residual limb and the prosthesis. The soft tissue around a residual limb that is not well suited to load bearing and where an improper load is distributed may cause pain and skin damage. Correct shaping of the socket for appropriate load distribution is a critical process in the design of lower limb prosthesis sockets. In this study, a nonlinear finite element model was created and analyzed to evaluate the pressure distribution between a residual limb and the prosthesis socket of a transfemoral amputee. Three-dimensional models of the residual limb and socket were created using magnetic resonance imaging data; the models were composed of 21 layers, each separated by 10 mm. Two types of socket MCCT socket and UCLA socket are used in this study for quantitative evaluation. The interface pressure distribution in the residual limb was observed in the same condition when the experiment of loading 50% and 100% of body weight and the pressure at eight locations on the surface between socket and residual limb was measured. The value of pressure between experiment and simulation got a high coefficient of correlation (>0.9). This analysis allows prosthetist and engineers to simulate the fit and comfort of transfemoral prostheses in order to evaluate the fit of socket shape.

Transfemoral Amputation: Prosthetic ..

Transfemoral Patient » Donning & Doffing » PIN Systems; Care Manuals

This is a basic list of terms for your information, and we are happy to provide you with further clarification about these or other terms if you require it. AK - Above the knee – Trans Femoral Alignment - Position of a prosthetic socket in relation to foot and knee Amputation - Removal of all or part of a limb due to infection, injury, tumor, disease or trauma Amputee - A person who has had all or part of a limb removed/amputated or is born without a limb Amputation (Traumatic) - A spontaneous removal of a limb for example as a result of an accident Bilateral - Bi means both, meaning both sides BE - Below elbow - Trans Radial BK - Below the knee - Trans Tibia Carbon Fiber - Non-stretch carbon fabric used to reinforce lightweight composite resin structures, such as prosthetic components and socket Claudication - Pain in the limb upon exertion – due to circulatory insufficiency Congenital limb deficiency - When all or parts of limb/s do not develop normally in the womb or are missing CPO - Certified Prosthetist and Orthotist (also known as CO - CP - CPOT) Disarticulation - Limb is amputated through the joint Doffing - Taking the prosthesis off Donning - Putting the prosthesis on ECG - Electro-Cardiograph, recording of the electrical activity of the heart Edema - Swelling of the tissues (also spelled oedema) Endo - Inside (as in: Endoskeletal Prosthesis – one with internal supporting structures) Exo - Outside (as in: Exoskeletal Prosthesis – one with external rigid fiberglass structure) Gait training - Learning to walk with a prosthesis Interface - Inner surface of socket, or portion of prosthesis closest to the skin Liner - Soft socket rolled or pulled over the residual limb and used for protection, comfort and in some cases as a suspension device Lower extremity - Lower limb Occupational therapy - Training to maximize independence in daily life PPAM - Pneumatic Post Amputation Mobility Aid is an inflatable device (not a prosthesis) that is used by some physiotherapists as part of the rehabilitation programme prior to prosthetic rehabilitation Patella - Kneecap Peripheral vascular disease - Disease of the blood vessels from a variety of causes Phantom pain - Painful feeling in the part of the extremity that has been amputated Phantom sensation - Awareness of the amputated limb although not described as pain Phantom limb - Sensation of the presence of the limb that has been amputated Physical therapy - Therapeutic exercises in order to treat a disease or a disability Pistoning - When a liner stretches so that the stump elongates – or the vertical motion of a residual limb inside a prosthetic socket Prosthesis - A fabricated/artificial substitute for a body part that is missing Prostheses - More than one prosthesis (plural form) Prosthetist (Canadian Certified) - Someone who designs, fits and makes artificial limbs and who’s education and training and expertise is recognized and credentialed by the Canadian Board for Certification of Prosthetists and Orthotists Residual limb - The remaining part of the limb after amputation (the stump) Socket - The part of the prosthesis (artificial limb) that fits around the residual limb – and fits around the Liner or socket insert if one is used Socket insert - A soft form that is contoured to fit around the residual limb and fits inside the Socket to provide for some increased padding and comfort for the residual limb Suction socket - A socket on an artificial leg that excludes the entry of air and is held to the residual limb by the suction of negative pressure maintained within the socket Total contact - Total contact between the residual limb and socket at all points Transradial - Amputation below the elbow (Through the radius and ulna bones) Transfemoral (TF) - Amputation above the knee (Through the femur bone) Transmetasatal (TM) - Amputation through the metatarsal foot bones (Partial foot amputation) Transtibial (TT) - Amputation below the knee (Through the tibia and fibula bones) Transhumeral - Amputation above the elbow (Through the humerus bone) Upper extremity - Upper limb Vascular amputation - Amputation surgery performed as a result of impaired circulation of blood through the blood vessels of the limb.

The WillowWood One System incorporates advances in prosthetic technology and seal design to improve fit, function, and comfort of transfemoral prosthetic sockets. The system prevents the prosthesis from loosening or detaching from the residual limb as well as preventing the limb from rotating within the socket.

of the socket for a transfemoral prosthesis

Arion Proth-Pro, Prosthetic Donning Aid ..

Le Van Tuan, Shinichiroh Yamamoto and Akihiko Hanafusa. Finite Element Analysis for Quantitative Evaluation of a Transfemoral Prosthesis Socket for Standing Posture. 170(1):1-8, July 2017.

Prosthetic Donning Aid for Suction Sockets
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  • Steps in Making an Transfemoral Prosthesis

    He will practice donning, doffing and using the prosthesis during that time.

  • Transfemoral prostheses can also sometimes be expected to …

    The Design and Initial Experimental Validation of an Active Myoelectric Transfemoral Prosthesis

  • Prosthesis donning and doffing questionnaire: …

    If you insist on speed when putting on and taking off your prosthesis (“donning and ..

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