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In conclusion, determining whether divided party control is detrimental to an nation's government is not easily proven.

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If the problem with our two-party system is partly psychological in nature, then the solution is too. The famous Robber’s Cave experiment, in which a group of young subjects must work together to achieve a common goal after being divided into opposing teams, offers hope for our broken political system:

Our government and people naturally waver and public opinion can change as quickly as the weather.

Many Americans agree with Woodrow Wilson's philosophy, "You cannot compound a successful government out of antagonisms." In other words, a legislative and executive branch controlled by the same political party have a stronger tie and connection and encounters fewer stumbling blocks as they move

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Theory further asserts that groups under economic difficulty glorify their own group while vilifying others. Consistent with this idea, politicians, who must always have in mind the political expediency of their actions, draw ingroup/outgroup lines in the sand. Like in the prisoner’s dilemma, such partisanship often leads to political outcomes that are not socially optimal. Each party, and certainly the public, would be better off if parties cooperated. The problem, however, is that their cooperation might work to the benefit of the other side. This dilemma leads to political obstructionism. An instance of this is the government shut down and failure of Congress to pass the. Legislators looked at the payoffs of their actions and found inaction a superior alternative to negotiation. The outcome of their political dance was obvious inefficiency. Both sides lost in the court of public opinion.

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Unlike author Rourke suggested, Americans should maintain interest in politics and vote in elections; that is, if we want to incent government officials to avoid the situations of gridlock and obstructionism that have come to characterize current politics. Instead of voting solely on fringe issues, voters would be wise to base votes on how well incumbents (and new candidates) have worked (and our expected to work) within the existing Congress to address relevant public issues. In this way, voters ensure that Congress is rewarded for working together and across the aisle on issues that matter most to them. Greater voting consideration of this kind would shift the political paradigm and push government officials to look at the common good they serve.

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