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Does Reduced Creatine Synthesis Protect against Statin ..

Cells were incubated with 1 µg concanavalin A and the synthesis of cellular protein and DNA determined.

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Reduced Creatine Synthesis Protect against Statin Myopathy

I.4.2.5 Biochemical effects and mode of action Ochratoxin A is an inhibitor of tRNA synthetase and protein synthesis in several microorganisms ( Bacillus subtilis, B.

(1983) Inhibitory effect of  Fusarium T-2 toxin on lymphoid DNA and protein synthesis.

The toxin inhibited protein synthesis after all 3 schedules of treatment and inhibition was present in cells obtained from bone marrow, spleen, and thymus.

Does Reduced Creatine Synthesis Protect against ..

(1978)  in vivo and  in  vitro inhibition of protein synthesis in  Bacillus stearothermophilus by ochratoxin A.

Don't forget that the main goal is to maximize protein synthesis, which is likely accomplished using quickly absorbed carbohydrates and greatly elevating insulin.

TRICHOTHECENES II.1 Properties and analytical methods II.1.1 Physical and chemical properties II.1.1.1 Physical properties II.1.1.2 Chemical properties II.1.2 Analytical methods for trichothecenes II.1.2.1 Chemical methods II.1.2.2 Immunological methods II.1.2.3 Biological methods II.2 Sources and occurrence II.2.1 Taxonomic considerations II.2.2 Ecology of trichothecene-producing fungi II.2.3 Natural occurrence II.2.3.1 Agricultural products II.2.3.2 Trichothecenes in human foodstuffs II.3 Metabolism II.3.1 Absorption and tissue distribution II.3.1.1 Animal studies II.3.2 Metabolic transformation II.3.3 Excretion II.3.3.1 Animal studies II.3.3.2 Excretion in eggs and milk II.4 Effects on animals II.4.1 Field observations II.4.2 Effects on experimental animals II.4.2.1 General toxic effects II.4.2.2 Haematological and haemostatic changes II.4.2.3 Disturbances of the central nervous system II.4.2.4 Dermal toxicity II.4.2.5 Impairment of immune response II.4.2.6 Carcinogenicity II.4.2.7 Mutagenicity II.4.2.8 Teratogenicity and reproductive effects II.4.3 Biochemical effects and mode of action II.4.3.1 Cytotoxicity II.4.3.2 Inhibition of protein synthesis II.4.3.3 Inhibition of nucleic acid synthesis II.4.3.4 Alterations of cellular membranes II.4.3.5 Other biochemical effects II.4.4 Structure-activity relationships II.4.5 Prevention and therapy of trichothecene toxicosis II.5 Effects on man II.5.1 Contemporary episodes of human disease II.5.2 Historical Fusarium-related diseases II.5.3 Skin irritation II.5.4 Studies of haemostasis II.5.5 Airborne trichothecene-related diseases II.5.6 Toxicological information on man, obtained from therapeutic uses II.6 Evaluation of the human health risksIII.

-arginine and synthesis of creatine in the pigeon

Protein synthesis was inhibited  in vitro in hepatoma cell cultures and PHA-stimulated lymphocytes (Rosenstein & Lafarge-Frayssinet, 1983).

So now what are we supposed to base our nutrition on? Enter the most underrated scientific paper in the last 5 years. Tipton and colleagues (2003) examined responsiveness of protein synthesis for a day after a workout, and found it to reflect a 24 hour enhanced level. That's right folks, a FULL DAY! This means that having a morning shake will have the same impact on muscle protein synthesis as one consumed following the workout!

Comparing research that used drinks consumed immediately after a workout (Tipton et al., 2001) versus those ingested an hour after training (Rasmussen et al., 2000), the results are surprising: it seems that post workout meal ingestion actually results in 30% lower protein synthesis rates than when we wait! So every time we thought that we were badass for drinking "as soon as the weight hit the floor, we were actually short changing ourselves. Not a big deal, that's why we read T-Nation. Let's just learn, adapt, and move on.

(1968) Inhibition of protein and DNA synthesis in Ehrlich ascites tumor by nivalenol, a toxic principle of  Fusarium nivale growing rice-M.
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    The effects of T-2 toxin on protein and DNA synthesis were studied in Swiss mice and hepatoma cell cultures.

  • SYNTHESIS REACTION PowerPoint PPT Presentations

    Creatine synthesis makes very significant demands on amino acid metabolism, in particular that of glycine, ..

  • Gatm, a creatine synthesis enzyme, is imprinted in …

    but it also serves as a precursor for synthesis of protein, nitric oxide, creatine ..

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Creatine Metabolism - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Intended for persons with increased demand for energy and protein, practising recreational sports, as well as for athletes who wish to quickly build muscle mass and strength or general exercise capacity.

OLIMP GAIN BOLIC 6000 does not contain wheat proteins and lactose (milk sugar often used in low-quality low-protein gainers), which are cheap and mostly useless in terms of strength sports.

Energy to Skeletal Muscles Lecture-2

The most common argument is that the subsequent cellular hydration and swelling will have an anticatabolic effect on muscle. I don't believe that this is possible because cellular hydration to the extent that we get with creatine supplementation has little effect on muscle protein synthesis or breakdown in healthy men or women (Louis et al., 2003).

Protein biosynthesis - Wikipedia

Applying this principle, liquid pre workout meal consumption dramatically muscle blood flow and protein synthesis (Tipton et al., 2001). This elevation in muscle growth is at least twice that observed with the same drink taken post workout (Tipton et al., 2001)! In fact, this effect even lasts for an hour the workout, so it's like having 2 drinks for the price of 1! If you want more detail on this topic check out the on Arginine blood flow stimulators.

Protein synthesis is the process whereby biological ..

It's not surprising that with this type of inconsistency that this is probably the most pervasive myth in bodybuilding today! Worse yet, it stems directly from the scientific research itself. The most often cited research on the protein synthetic post workout window, used elderly subjects (Esmark et al., 2001) and cardio exercise findings (Levenhagen et al., 2001) to make their predictions. While this is a completely acceptable practice when these are the only data we have to go on, there are a couple noteworthy problems.

should reduce creatine synthesis.

There are certainly many other protein sources that cannot be used for muscle building which are not listed above, but if the protein source is not found in my list of muscle building proteins, it is likely a protein source that your body cannot use for building new muscle.
In order to reach your bodybuilding goals you will need to make sure that you are consuming the right protein sources and in the right amounts.

All protein sources are not created equal when it comes to their muscle building potential and anybody looking to build new muscle needs to know which protein sources are useful for building new muscle.

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