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T1 - Chest wall tumors and prosthetic reconstruction

Clinically, Askins tumours present as a mass in the periostium and / or soft tissue of the chest wall.

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Prosthetic Reconstruction of the Chest Wall | Request …

The surgical options for chest wall asymmetry depend on anatomical severity, gender, associated anomalies, and patient preferences. The understanding of the intervention options are complicated by the lack of detailed, long-term studies. Treatment options include autologous fat injection, pedicled latissimus dorsi muscle transfer, transverse rectus abdominus musculocutaneous flaps, deep inferior epigastric artery perforator flaps, custom-made chest wall prosthesis, nipple-areola complex repositioning, mammary prosthesis, sternal/rib reconstruction, contralateral operations (to ameliorate asymmetry), or a combination of these techniques.

The size of the prosthesis is tailored to the one of the chest wall ..

Wearing a breast form will help restore the weight that’s missing from your chest wall and will enhance your overall appearance and self confidence. Not wearing a form may cause physical complications. restoring your bodies natural balance will help prevent shoulder drop and lower back and neck pain.

Chest wall tumors and prosthetic reconstruction: ..

Chest wall tumors and prosthetic reconstruction : A comparative ..

At the time of surgery (), the involved ribs were circumferentially exposed and trimmed to fit the prosthesis without difficulty. Before final implantation, a 10×15cm Goretex patch was placed over the pleural defect to serve as a barrier between the right lung and the prosthesis. The implant was then covered with a myocutaneous latisimuss dorsi flap which was also posteriorly attached to the inferior angle of the scapula to prevent its winging. Eight months after chest wall reconstruction, a tissue expander (Siltex Medium Height Contour Profile; Mentor Worldwide LLC, Santa Barbara, Calif.) was placed underneath the lattisimus muscle on top of the titanium implant (). Implant/tissue expander exchange was completed 5 months after tissue expander implantation. At the time of expander/implant exchange, the implant was well covered by the capsule surrounding the expander. There was no obvious edge or surface of the titanium implant that appeared to place the implant (Siltex Round Moderate Classic Profile Gel-filled Breast Implant, Mentor Worldwide LLC) at risk for rupture or puncture. A routine chest x-ray at 16 months after placement of the titanium implant demonstrated no evidence of rib fracture or implant migration.

With an estimated incidence of 1 in 25,000 live births, surgical repair is a relatively common procedure. However, the surgical repair varies depending on the extent of the Poland syndrome and on the sex of the patient. In the most complex form, chest wall reconstruction has traditionally been advocated with the use of contralateral, autologous rib grafts which are stabilized with mesh. Recently, the Vertical Expandable Prosthetic Titanium Rib Expander has been reported as a means to stabilize the chest wall after rib grafting. In this report, we describe the use of a customized titanium implant that was used to replace the missing ribs and to provide chest stabilization. This approach might be considered an alternative to autologous rib grafting in patients who have reached skeletal maturity.

Breast Cancer Topic: Prosthesis for 'concave' chest wall

Chest Wall Reconstruction With Methacrylate Prosthesis …

The novel surgical approach taken on our patient was chosen to avoid several, potential complications known from the traditional technique. Among them, Sawin et al cite pneumothorax and intercostal neuralgia. Ohara et al report more serious complications associated with these grafts, such as chest wall deformity and thoracic scoliosis resulting from the weakened donor area. Other potential complications include lack of adequate fixation of the rib grafts, resorption, and residual or chronic pain at the harvest site., Of note, the cost of a customized implant may be substantial. For our patient, the list price for the customized implant was $5310.00 for the sternal plate plus $12,340.00 for the chest wall/rib kit.

prevent infection of the chest wall prosthesis.
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    Dynamic 3D printed titanium copy prosthesis: a novel design for large chest wall resection and reconstruction

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