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Photosynthesis - Growing Marijuana

The miracle of photosynthesis is such that the cannabis leaves can use light energy, ..

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Photosynthesis in Cannabis Plants - Zativo

With a slight modification, the question still remains… “What level of broad spectrum PPFD will induce peak photosynthesis in Cannabis?” To answer this, a broad spectrum light needs to be used to confirm/contribute to Chandra’s research.

What Is Photosynthesis? | 420 MAGAZINE

When cannabis plants are fed light wavelengths they like, it drives photosynthesis and other processes that create faster growth, resins, floral size and weight, and overall plant health.

Photosynthesis and Cannabis | TheModern Farm

The stark truth is that other LED grow lights generate light spectrums that work against cannabis photosynthesis rather than for it!

In 2015, Chandra repeated aspects of his 2008 study. This time, he measured the photosynthetic rate of four different Cannabis strains in response to a range of light intensities.

Chandra’s 2008 Cannabis analysis is a two part study. First, he measured the photosynthetic response to a range of light intensities at various temperatures. The light and temperature combination that produced peak photosynthesis was then applied to a series designed to gauge the photosynthetic response to different concentrations of CO2.

22/07/2013 · Photosynthesis and Cannabinoid Content ..

Although a variety of Cannabis strains appear to thrive at very high levels of Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR), Chandra’s analyses and results are constrained by his materials and methods. In both 2008 and 2015, Chandra used an LI-6400, 6400-01, 6400-02 Portable Photosynthesis System. The LI-6400-02 only produces light at 670 nm (+/-10 nm), so Chandra’s results were exclusively induced by a narrow sliver of red light. Yes, quantum efficiency is greatest around 670 nm, but we all know a broad spectrum like the Zenith Bud Cultivator potentiates growth. Repeating Chandra’s research with a broad spectrum may validate his results, but until then, Chandra has not yet fully rationalized the real life utility of broad spectrum light intensity as it applies to growing Cannabis.

Leaf cells are essential in the role of photosynthesis. The miracle of photosynthesis is such that the cannabis leaves can use light energy, combined with C02 and water to produce sugars (plant food).

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  • The photosynthetic process in cannabis plants


  • Photosynthesis In Marijuana Plants - The Weed Blog

    Every PLANT on earth does this

  • Photosynthesis In Marijuana Plants ..


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responsible for bringing in light energy

What’s really disappointing is that these same LED grow light companies claim or imply, because most of them won’t mention cannabis, that their products target specific colors best for cannabis photosynthesis.

spectrum of light, a cannabis plant is able to ..

Photosynthesis, plants do this, your cannabis do this. Every PLANT on earth does this! So what is photosynthesis and how do this work with our beloved cannabis plants? Photosynthesis in science class clearly says that this is a process in which green plants especially the leaves use sunlight to synthesize foods from carbon dioxide and H2O. Photosynthesis generally involves the green pigment which is called chlorophyll and generates as a byproduct. Okay kids science class is over! So what does photosynthesis do to my plant?

energy from light via photosynthesis…

Improving Cannabis growth may be more cost-effective if coaxed by pumping gas, not by burning more lights. Many plants grown under moderate PPFD, develop greater biomass in an environment supplemented with CO2. Moreover, it’s well known that elevated CO2 directly affects flowering plants by increasing the number and size of flowers. Light intensity is certainly critical, but elevated CO2 appears to further leverage cultivation. So, the obvious questions is, “What combination of broad spectrum PPFD and CO2 maximizes photosynthesis in Cannabis?”

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