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The following companies sell breast prostheses (artificial br

I am thinking about ordering these two bras and wondered if anyone has them and can comment?

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How to Make a "Seed" Prosthesis - Breast Cancer A to Z

*An ABC Certified Fitter-mastectomy is a health care professional who is specifically educated and trained in the provision of breast prostheses and post-mastectomy services. Credentials available upon request.

Breast Cancer Clothing: Bras, Scarves, Accessories, and …

Whether you undergo breast reconstruction, wear a prosthetic breast, or choose to simply embrace the changes you have experienced by allowing the breast removal to remain obvious, you should feel free to make whatever decision is right for you. The goal is to prevent the discomfort of unwanted change, while enabling you to accept what has occurred and continue on with your life.

Breast Cancer Clothing: Bras, Scarves, Accessories, ..

Speaking of all of this, when we order bras online, can we still send the information to our insurance companies for some insurance coverage?

One alternative to breast reconstruction is a removable prosthetic breast that is worn in the bra. This will preserve the shape and look of the breast without the surgical procedures. Some women opt for a prosthesis to help balance out their weight and posture, too.

I have a huge collection of Boobs Foobs and Prosthesis. I like to go half flat, with a firm shape wear tank, or wear a cami or tank top with a light, weighted, micro bead form in it. I have a size "D" on the other side, so I generally wear some kind of form. Those knitted, Genie, or Ahh bras that are on the TV are quite comfortable with a lightweight foob inside, especially early on when everything is still very sensitive.

About Breast Prostheses and Mastectomy Bras | …

About Breast Prostheses and Mastectomy Bras

I love these Coobie bras. They are inexpensive, the straps are extremely thin and they actually have pockets so you can add a form. They also have a removable lightweight pad.

Cats - my opinion...the only difference between the regular and mastectomy bras is that they are expensive and not pretty. I have a small frame and the fitter had nothing that really fit me well except for bras that were overly structured with big fat straps. Hated them!

External Breast Prostheses Options After Breast Cancer
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    Breast Cancer Topic: All things bras & prosthesis

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    Bras and Forms for Mastectomy and Breast Cancer

  • Bra Fit Guide; Breast Prosthesis Program; Show Size

    Pro Bra - Mastectomy Bras and Prostheses for breast cancer patients, Bloemfontein, South Africa

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Breast prostheses - Cancer Council Victoria

Fitters of bras and prostheses *always* tell you why you should wear breasts, well, of course, they are in the business of selling them. But we ladies know better, we really don't need them and wearing a silk cami under a shirt is a wonderful feeling!

a breast prosthesis fitter, Cancer Council 13 11 20, ..

I think this thread is much needed, I have wasted money on both bras and forms, and can't afford to be doing this now...So much of this is trial and error. I tried an Ahhh bra and found it looked horrible, I had rolls and buldges everywhere and fortunately I could return them.

breast cancer prosthesis | eBay

I don't have any issue with the silicone Prosthesis. I put it on and don't think about it again till I take it off, but it is important to get a really comfortable Mx bra to hold it. I really like the "Amoena Mona" bra, for every day. I also have a Contact silicone form that adheres to the chest, and can be worn with a normal bra.

False breast shape (prosthesis) after breast cancer surgery

Thank you for starting this topic. I have a problem with my bra shifting to the right when I wear my prosthesis (still have a breast on that side) and I'm worried about being active this spring and summer. I haven't gotten a bathing suit yet but have heard good things about Land's End.

Breast prostheses - Canadian Cancer Society

Cats, I think the only difference is the pocket plus most of the mastectomy bras come up high enough to give more coverage. I haven't found a real comfortable one yet, though and have cut holes in my old bras to stick the prosthesis in. I wear the mastectomy bras most of the time, though.

Breast prosthesis and bra information | Cancer Society NZ

I've been looking thru various sites at various bras and foobs trying to decide which ones to try when my chest heals. My question is what is the difference between a regular bra and a mastectomy bra other than the pocket?

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