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Meaning of Boord Olefin Synthesis - English-Urdu …

The Boord olefin synthesis is an organic reaction forming alkenes from ethers carrying a halogen atom 2 carbons removed from the oxygen atom (β-halo-ethers) using a metal such as magnesium or zinc.

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Unfortunately the stereoselectivity in the Boord olefin synthesis is poor, giving mixtures of -and -olefins.],,, This also applies to the and -2-methyl-3-chlorotetrahydrofuran.[Crombie, 1985] On the other hand ring scission of both the -and -2-methyl-3-chlorotetrahydropyran (5-6) is highly stereoselective for -olefinic alcohol 7.,,

(the Boord olefin synthesis) and esters (ester pyrolysis)

In the Boord olefin synthesis, ..

Reaction of an organometallic compound with an -halo ether is the key step in the Boord olefin synthesis.,, This olefin synthesis show a great flexibility and has been used to synthesize a number of different olefins, e.g. 1,4-pentadiene 4. The requisite -bromo ether 2 was prepared by condensation of acetaldehyde with ethanol in the presence of HCl gas, followed by treatment with bromine. In addition to -bromination of the ether 1 the -chloro group was substituted by bromine. After introduction of an -alkyl group by means of a Grignard reagent, the -bromo ether 2 was cleaved by Zn.

alpha olefin; Amylenes; Boord synthesis;

synthesis Bogert–Cook synthesis Bohn–Schmidt reaction Boord olefin synthesis Borodin ..

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  • Reaction of a -halo ethers with main group organometallics …

    Reaction of an organometallic compound with an a-halo ether is the key step in the Boord olefin synthesis ..

  • Alkylation of silyl enol ethers (30) Alkynyltin ..

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  • 52, 651 (1930); 53, 1505 (1931); 55, 3293 (1933); H

    Boord Olefin Synthesis

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