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Jude contends would produce an antibacterial effect, thereby reducing valve endocarditis.Shortly after St.

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The Trifecta aortic bioprosthesis (St

Patients with surgical bioprosthesis valve dysfunction represent a clinical challenge because, although a new surgical replacement is considered the standard treatment, the reoperation is associated with high morbidity and mortality. These patients are characterized as high surgical risk or inoperable, due to multiple comorbidities, advanced age, clinical frailty, or reduced ventricular ejection fraction.

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The outcomes were categorized according to the Valve Academic Research Consortium (VARC)-2 criteria, and the events were adjudicated by two experienced cardiologists. The primary outcome analyzed was device success, defined as the implantation of a single prosthesis in the planned location, with no prosthesis-patient mismatch, mean aortic transvalvular gradient mmHg or peak velocity major vascular complications, or valvular dysfunction requiring reintervention. The clinical efficacy criteria (30 days after the procedure) consisted of the combined outcome involving mortality from all causes, stroke, rehospitalization for heart failure, New York Heart Association (NYHA) functional class III or IV, or VIV prosthesis dysfunction (stenosis or regurgitation).

The St Jude Medical Trifecta aortic pericardial valve: ..

Jude Medical is negligent in designing, manufacturing, and marketing a defective heart valve that was not adequately tested.

Clinical, echocardiographic, and procedural profiles were characterized, and the mid-term results of patients with surgical bioprosthesis dysfunction submitted to valve-in-valve implantation in the aortic position were reported.

The valve-in-valve procedure was effective in most high-risk surgical patients with bioprosthesis dysfunction. When performed in well-selected patients, it results in satisfactory clinical and hemodynamic outcomes.

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Jude Medical Trifecta™ aortic valve perioperative performance in 200 patients ..

This analysis included patients older than 18 years with symptomatic aortic bioprosthesis dysfunction, consecutively submitted to VIV procedure at two tertiary cardiology centers between January 2009 and June 2015. Patients with previous transcatheter aortic valve procedures or active infective endocarditis were excluded from the sample. The project was approved by the institutional Ethics Committee, and the patients signed an informed consent. Data were prospectively recorded in appropriate forms developed for the study, stored in spreadsheets, and collected from the database of each institution.

Specific characteristics of the surgical prosthesis were assessed to support the indication of VIV procedure. The type, model, size, and position (intra- or supra-annular) of the surgical valve prosthesis were identified. The internal diameter of each bioprosthesis was obtained from the manufacturer's information. Technical aspects of the employed surgery, such as the need for reconstruction of the aortic root and the presence of venous or arterial grafts, were also elucidated.

Jude Medical Trifecta Bioprosthesis
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    Possible Subclinical Leaflet Thrombosis in Bioprosthetic Aortic Valves

  • Normal Doppler echocardiographic values of aortic valve prosthesis

    08/01/2018 · The current bioprosthesis of choice for aortic valve replacements eComment

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    15/08/2016 · A summary safety review for Trifecta heart valve manufactured by St

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Early Bioprosthetic Valve Failure JACC: Cardiovascular Imaging

The knowledge of the fluoroscopic aspect of a particular surgical prosthesis defines the optimum position for the transcatheter bioprosthesis implantation (usually 15% below the suture annulus for the Sapien XT and from zero to 4mm for the Core Valve prosthesis) (). Currently, the smartphone application developed in 2013 by Bapat allows access to the necessary structural information of several surgical prostheses, assisting in the most appropriate choice of size and positioning of the VIV prosthesis, thus reducing the possibility of mismatch and aortic regurgitation.

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Valve-in-valve procedure using CoreValve () and Sapien XT () prostheses. () The bioprosthesis radiopaque suture annulus is viewed through fluoroscopy and the adequate angulation is verified before the procedure and the landing zone. () Release of the self-expanding CoreValve prosthesis, slowly and gradually, and control by fluoroscopy. () Final prosthesis position. () Positioning of the balloon-expandable Sapien XT prosthesis. () Release under fluoroscopy and result after the implantation ().

Feasibility of Valve-in-Valve Procedure for Degenerated …

() Surgical bioprosthesis with porcine leaflets. () Measurement of the bioprosthesis internal diameter using a caliper. () Subtle distortion of the valve caused by the caliper, which can lead to incorrect measurements. First measurement: 22.31mm. () Second measurement: 25.74mm, showing the effect caused by the distortion. () Porcine valves: true internal diameter (ID) is at least 2mm less than the stent ID. () Pericardial valves with leaflets sutured inside the stent frame: true ID is at least 1mm less than the stent ID. () Pericardial valves with leaflets sutured outside the stent frame: true ID is the same as the stent ID.

Feasibility of Valve-in-Valve Procedure for Degenerated St

In general, the clinical success of percutaneous transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI) is fundamentally related to the baseline characteristics of the treated patients, to the technique employed, and to the devices used. Accumulated knowledge plays an important role to improve its results. In recent years, in particular, important concepts have been applied to VIV procedures. In this series, the first treated patient developed moderate mismatch and paraprosthetic regurgitation, potentially associated with the size of the transcatheter prosthesis used and its position. This patient had an adverse outcome, with cardiogenic shock after the procedure. At that stage of the learning curve, characteristics currently recognized as fundamental for VIV procedures had not yet been assessed or described.

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