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(2008) Nearfield binaural synthesis report.

dynamische Binauralsynthese).

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AES E-Library » Approaches to Binaural Synthesis

This paper addresses binaural synthesis and mixing algorithms for 3-D audio rendering of multiple sound sources over headphones or loudspeakers. Efficient strategies are discussed, whereby directional panning and mixing are accomplished in an intermediate multichannel format, while the binaural synthesis filters are direction-independent and can be applied after mixing (post-filtering) or off-line on the source signals (pre-filtering). A "binaural B format" is proposed and its application to mixing, recording and reproduction over headphones or two or more loudspeakers are reviewed.

Near Field Binaural Synthesis - Leicester, UK

The SoundScape Renderer (SSR) is a tool for real-time spatial audio reproduction providing a variety of rendering algorithms, e.g. Wave Field Synthesis, Higher-Order Ambisonics and binaural techniques. The development team has worked hard in the past months and is proud …

GB2544458A - Binaural synthesis - Google Patents

Authenticity has been assessed previously for static binaural resynthesis of sound sources in anechoic environments, i.e.

Today, binaural signal reproductionis typically approached by convolving measured or modelled binauralroom impulse responses with anechoic audio content using real-time algorithms fortime-variant fast convolution which allow accounting for head movements of listenersin a natural fashion (dynamic binaural synthesis, DBS).

Binaural resynthesis is based on the assumption that the auditory impression ofbeing exposed to some arbitrary sound field may deliberately be re-evoked by areconstruction of the sound pressure at the ear drums.

Nearfield binaural synthesis and ambisonics: The …

Binaural synthesis has found its way into an increasing number of applications

Bei begrenzter technischer Komplexität ermöglicht die binaurale Wiedergabetechnikdamit eine potentiell realitätsgetreue (Re-)Synthese beliebiger Schallfelder.

However, for dynamic binaural synthesis to our knowledge – and probably because this technology is even more demanding – no such study has been conducted so far.

Circumaural transducer arrays for binaural synthesis: …
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  • Nearfield binaural synthesis and ambisonics (PDF …

    Near Field Binaural Synthesis

  • Fachgebiet Audiokommunikation: Dynamic binaural synthesis

    Dynamic Binaural Synthesis


    This constitutes the foundation of binaural synthesis.

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Nearfield binaural synthesis and ambisonics

However, before establishing data-based dynamic binaural synthesisas a research tool applicable for a convenient and trustworthy resynthesis of arbitraryacoustic environments still a number of theoretical, instrumental andmethodological issues remain to be solved.

Design theory for binaural synthesis: Combining …

In Teil III werden verschiedene neuentwickelte Ansätzezur einerseits integrativen anderseits differenzierten perzeptiven Evaluationvirtueller akustischer Umgebungen präsentiert und teilweise bereits auf die verbesserteSimulationstechnik angewendet.
This dissertation contains a collection of publications devoted to the technical andperceptual improvement of the binaural resynthesis of acoustical environments.

Videos about “binaural synthesis” on Vimeo

This article presents an experimental study of spatial sound perception with the use of a spherical microphone array for sound recording and headphone-based binaural sound synthesis. Sound field analysis and processing is performed in the spherical harmonics domain with the use of head-related transfer functions and simulated enclosed sound fields. The effect of several factors, such as spherical harmonics order, frequency bandwidth, and spatial sampling, are investigated by applying the repertory grid technique to the results of the experiment, forming a clearer relation between sound-field capture with a spherical microphone array and its perception using binaural synthesis regarding space, frequency, and additional artifacts.

Binaural synthesis, head-related transfer functions, ..

Zudem wurden Lokalisationsleistung, Überblendverhaltenund Systemlatenz mittels eines Algorithmus‘ zur post hocIndividualisierung der interauralen Laufzeitdifferenz wesentlich verbessert, derRechenaufwand der dynamischen Synthese durch eine vereinfachte Nachhalldarstellungreduziert und ein Verfahren zur Darstellung dynamischer binauralerKlangatmosphären optimiert.

Moving sound source synthesis for binaural …

For enhanced immersion into a virtual scene more than just the visual sense should be addressed by a Virtual Reality system. Additional auditory stimulation appears to have much potential, as it realizes a multisensory system. This is especially useful when the user does not have to wear any additional hardware, e.g., headphones. Creating a virtual sound scene with spatially distributed sources requires a technique for adding spatial cues to audio signals and an appropriate reproduction. In this paper we present a real-time audio rendering system that combines dynamic crosstalk cancellation and multi-track binaural synthesis for virtualacoustical imaging. This provides the possibility of simulating spatially distributed sources and, in addition to that, near-to-head sources for a freely moving listener in room-mounted virtual environments without using any headphones. A special focus will be put on near-to-head acoustics, and requirements in respect of the head-related transfer function databases are discussed.

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