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Procedure – Synthesis of Benzhydrol 10.

Various data concerning the crude and recrystallized product in the synthesis of benzhydrol

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Benzhydrol for Synthesis (diphenylmethanol)

Synthesis of Benzhydrol
-Reducing Agent : NaBH4
-Principles of TLC (Thin Layer Chromatography)

-Lab Tools
-Mechanism of synthesis of Benzhydrol
-Result Theory Outline Benzhydrol Theory - Benzhydrol Benzophenone Theory - Benzhydrol 2nd Lab 4-bromomethylbenzene Objective 4-bromomethylbenzene Result 4-bromometylbenzene Synthesis of Benzhydrol & 4-Bromomethylbenzene -Column Chromatography
-Lab Tools
-Allylic Bromination
-Result 2.

Study Laboratory 2: Synthesis of Benzhydrol notes from Denise S.

ABSTRACT:In order to explore the antihistaminic and anthelmintic activity associated with piperazine framework, several 1-benzhydryl piperazine derivatives and 1- benzhydryl piperazine acyl derivatives were synthesized. Their chemical structure was characterized and confirmed by H1 nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), Fourier-transform infrared (FTIR). The target compounds were synthesized by the nucleophilic substitution reaction of 1-benzhydryl piperazine with various acyl chlorides. The intermediate (AT-1) was prepared by reaction of benzhydryl chloride and piperazine in presence of anhydrous potassium carbonate in N-N dimethylformamide. Further 1-benzhydrylpiperazine was reacted with various acyl chloride in presence of triethylamine in dichloromethane afforded target compounds (AT5 -9). The anthelmintic activity of compounds were evaluated by Garg and Atal method while antihistaminic activity was evaluated by in- vitro guinea pig ileum.

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Synthesis of benzhydrol derivatives by ..

Chemical Studies: Four derivatives of 1-benzhyrdyl piperazine and five derivatives of 1- benzhydryl piperazine acyl were prepared according to scheme. Percentage yields of all the compounds were calculated and tabulated in table 1 & 2. Their physical constants and thin layer chromatography primarily conformed purity of the synthesized compounds. Melting points and Rf values are also given in the table 3 and 4.

DISCUSSION & CONCLUSION: Various workers had synthesized benzhydryl derivatives and their findings suggest that derivatives of benzhydryl or substituted benzhydryl posses different types of biological activities including, analgesic, antiallergic, antibacterial. Antihistaminic activity promoted us to synthesize some new derivatives of 1-benzhydryl piperazines, which would include more effectiveness and specific antihistaminic activities.

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Synthesis of 1-benzhydryl piperazine acyl derivatives (AT 5-9): A solution of 1- benzhydrylpiperazine (2.52gm, 0.01mol) in dry dichloromethane was taken and cooled to 0-5°C in an ice bath. Triethylamine (4.2ml, 0.03mol) was added to cold solution and stirred for 10 min. Then R2 (acetyl chloride, benzoyl chloride, chloro acetyl chloride, valeryl chloride, phenyl acetyl chloride) was added to the solution. The reaction mixture was allowed to stir at room temperature for 5-6 hrs.

Four different derivatives of 1-benzhydrylpiperazines were synthesized. The synthesis of benzhydryl chloride was accomplished by the reaction of benzhydrol and thionyl chloride in di chloro methane and stirred for 6 hours at temp of 0-5oC. The intermediate benzhydryl chloride reacted with various substituted piperazines in the presence of anhydrous potassium carbonate in DMF and refluxed for 10 hrs. Derivatives (AT-1, AT-2, AT-3, AT-4, and AT-5) were obtained. Five different derivatives of 1-benzhydryl acyl piperazine were synthesized. The 1-benzhydrylpiperazine (AT-1) derivative was reacted with various acyl chlorides in the presence of anhydrous potassium carbonate in DMF and reaction mixture was stirred for 6 hrs. Derivatives AT-5, AT-6, AT-7, AT-8, AT-9 were obtained.

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Synthesis of 1-benzhydryl piperazine derivatives (AT1-5): A solution of R (methyl piperazine, piperazine anhydrous, ethyl piperazine, phenyl piperazine) in dimethyl formamide was taken, anhydrous potassium carbonate (27.6gm, 0.2mol) was added to solution and stirred for 10 min and then benzhydryl chloride (16.08 ml, 0.1mol) in DMF was added. The reaction mixture was refluxed at 80oC for 10 hrs.

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Synthesis of benzhydryl chloride: To a cold solution of thionyl chloride (11.9 ml, 0.1 mole) in two neck round bottom flask, the benzhydrol (0.1mole, 18.5 gm) in di chloro methane wad added drop wise maintaining the temperature at 0-5°C. The reaction mixture was stirred for 4-6 hrs on magnetic stirrer until the HCl fumes ceases out. The reaction mixture was heated on the water bath to evaporate the solvent to get final product.

04/03/2001 · Lab Report 2 - Free download as Word ..

Synthesis of Block Copolymers by Selective H-Abstraction and Radical Coupling Reactions Using Benzophenone/Benzhydrol Photoinitiating System, O. S. Taskin, B. Aydogan Temel, M. A. Tasdelen, Y. Yagci, Eur. Polym. J., 62, 304-311, (2015) DOI:

synthesis of organic compounds by Hye Youn Mun on Prezi

As a general method for synthesis of Benzhydryl is Benzylation of excess of benzene is carried out with the benzyl chloride at 120°C in presence of nanocomposite catalyst Nafion/SiO2 and another is Diphenylmethane reacting Dibenzylether with benzene in the presence of protonic acid catalysts which contain a phosphoric acid.

Benzhydrol CAS 91-01-0 | 801644

The protection of OH groups as benzhydryl ethers can be catalyzed by sulfuric acid: Org. Synth. Coll., 4, 72 (1963); Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 15, 281 (1976). See also . Thiols, e.g. in cysteine residues in peptide synthesis, can be protected as thioethers in the presence of TFA or HBr/AcOH: J. Chem. Soc. (C), 2683 (1970). The group can be cleaved by TFA in the presence of a cation scavenger, e.g. phenol or anisole (same ref.), or by Na in liquid NH3: J. Am. Chem. Soc., 84, 3887 (1962). See Appendix 6. Carboxyl groups can be protected by esterification in benzene with tosic acid catalyst. Deprotection can be effected with the same catalyst by refluxing in toluene, which undergoes electrophilic alkylation: Tetrahedron Lett., 37, 1965 (1996). Misawa, T.; Dodo, K.; Ishikawa, M.; Hashimoto, Y.; Sagawa, M.; Kizaki, M.; Aoyama, H. Structure-activity relationships of benzhydrol derivatives based on 1'-acetoxychavicol acetate (ACA) and their inhibitory activities on multiple myeloma cell growth via inactivation of the NF-κB pathway. Bioorg. Med. Chem. 2015, 23 (9), 2241-2246.Taskin, O. S.; Temel, B. A.; Tasdelen, M. A.; Yagci, Y. Synthesis of block copolymers by selective H-abstraction and radical coupling reactions using benzophenone/benzhydrol photoinitiating system. Eur. Polym. J. 2015, 62, 304-311.

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