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I am three weeks out after TKR. My doctor started the CPM machine on the day of surgery, and I use it 8 hours a day, 2 hours on and 1-2 hours off. It has helped tremendously to keep my knee limber. I guess I was one of the lucky ones regarding the pain. I have not had pain killers since the day after surgery. I just haven’t needed them. 3 days after surgery my ROM was 100, and I’m up to 110 today. The only problem I seem to be having is blood pooling in my lower leg, ankle, and the top of my foot. When I stand up, the blood rushes down to my shin area and it feels like a thousand needles are being stuck into me. The pain subsides after about 20 seconds, but that 20 seconds is NOT pleasant. I am scheduled to see my surgeon in 2 days. I will ask him about the blood pooling then. I don’t understand why I can’t use heat at this point to help dissipate the blood. Oh well, I don’t regret getting this done at all, and I would do it again in a heartbeat! Good luck to all post TKR patients! Speedy recovery.

biomechanics of below-knee prostheses in Normal Level Bipedal Walking will be available on

Hi all!
I just wanted to inject some of my problems related to a TKR. I had my first TKR done in 2011. I had a lot of pain but with proper Physical Therapy and working out at the gym on my own I was able to get my knee bent to 125 degrees and was able to go back to work in ten weeks. I was back on the golf course in three months. Now, lets talk about my latest TKR which was done June 3rd. I was in the hospital for four days and then in rehab for a week. During this time I was able to get my knee bent to 95 degrees. I also came down with a bad case of Prostatis and hemorrhoids. I can’t believe the pain I had not only with my knee but these other ailments. I am now in week 8 of my recovery and can walk short distances without a cane. I still have awful pain in my rear knee which I think is tight Hamstrings. I am now working out at the gym on the days I’m not in physical therapy. I hear all these horror stories and want to let everyone know there is pain and it does take a lot of time for it to go away. Please be patient and work your knee out as much as you can. Also, ice, ice, ice. I’ve still got my sights set on golfing by the middle of August 2013. Oh, I also take my pain medicine whenever I go to therapy so I can have the therapist work the heck out of my knee. I still can’t get my left leg straight. It is still bent to about 5 degrees.

Below-the-knee prosthesis - BARREDO; JOSEPH G.

Jill, Your knee should not look any different/larger than the other after a period of time.

I just want to say thank you for this information. I am only 42 years old and just had TKR of my right knee. Being younger than the average TKR patient, I have been very frustrated about the healing process. I am only on two weeks, but the pain was so much more than I expected, as well as the swelling/lack of flexibility. This breakdown of stages makes me feel so much better. Patience is not my strong suite, but reading this helps so much. I have three young children (ages 11, 9 and 5). It’s extremely hard to be a mommy right now, but I had to do this surgery in order to be a good mommy in the near future, I pray.

I had right TKA 4/27/15. I continue to have moderate pain and considerable stiffness. I am however very active. I walk 2-3 miles routinely and ride a recumbent bike or my bike outside. I feel like I have a tight band around the front of my knee and stiffness and pain behind it. My right knee is considerably larger than my left also. I kind of just “tough it out”, taking Motrin 800 mg when the pain is really slowing me down. I had 12 weeks of rehab…3x/week and did very well. At one year post-op, I feel discouraged at times because of the persistent pain and stiffness.

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This is God sent information, my younger sister started getting sick when she had the implants of cohesive implant. Before implants she was the healthiest strong young women, ate better then a nutritionist and worked out at least 4x a week, a real work out while be a fantastic mother to 2 young boys. She is now frail to the point she has no hope, one Dr mentioned this finally after a year of having the put in. All symptoms you listed is right on. Dr’s were just basically telling her she is crazy, finally one Dr said it and the implants could be it and now all makes sense, Dr said this 3 weeks ago she is getting them out next Tuesday. The implants have turned my sister from the most positive, healthy, go get life and live to the fullest and take care and be kind to others in her community now she is in bed and hopeless, thinks she is crazy and getting worse each day, she has turned a 180. But now we are getting information we need and out with breast plants on Tuesday. This is great information, implant Drs should really bring this up when talking to patients. My sister called her Dr that did implants and nothing. Thank you for website. I can’t believe what these implants did to a perfectly 110% healthy strong women brought her to her knees to nothing. Do you have any helpful information after they come out she could do to cleanse, help her body get back on track? Is rest the first step? Thank you so much

Yesterday I did my exercise routine in the am and then went to PT where we worked on range of motion. I got to 115 on my right knee and 110 on my left knee. This was very painful. Last night I had pain in my right knee cap which woke me up. I took pain meds and iced and elevated my knees. Today I find that the pain is still there so am opting to just ice and elevate and massage those areas with Deep Prep and Penetrex. I use a massage wand too.

14/01/2018 · How much does a below the knee prosthesis cost
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I am a 60 year old female who had a LeftTNR in June of 2013. I should have left my knee alone. Everyday I suffer in pain, my knee is red hot and swollen. I can no longer do stairs. I have lost muscle mass all over my body due to limited activity. I fatigue easily, worry constantly about my future. I am thinking about having a revision. Has anyone had any luck with them? I want my life back.

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I am 55 and coming up to a year (April 21 2114) from having my TKR. It was the best thing that I could have done. I had orthoscopic surgery in Feb. and discovered that my knee was bone on bone. We then scheduled my Left TKR. Recovery wasn’t always fun. The worst for me was day 2 when the block wore off….. We weren’t on top of my pain meds and lets just say it was not pretty!!! When I got home I only used my walker for two days and cane for a couple more. With a GREAT physical therapist my recovery went pretty good. I had some swelling and used my ice machine they sent home with me quite a bit. The most pain I had were the nerves growing back together. But soon went away. I went back to work 3 months after my surgery as my job is very physical . I do a lot of stairs and ladders. I still have a little pain on the stairs but have noticed that that has gotten better. I still do not fully kneel on my knee yet. I have no regrets and will do my right knee when the time comes!!! Thanks for this wonderful site!!

01/05/2007 · I have a below the knee amputation

It has been 9 wks today since TKR. By far this has been the worst experience of my entire life & that is saying a lot! Started working from home yesterday. Needed the money. Saw doc last Wednesday & he said work from home 2 wks then go to office. Work was ok with this. He agreed I could drive now. I had a knee manipulation at 6 wks since knee was only bending at 65-70’degrees. Now I can bend 96 on my own and PT got me to 115 degrees yesterday. Lots of progress. But still in pain. Still sob at PT. Still on pain meds. Still depressed. All of theses things are better & pain is better except at PT but it is just so draining to still be going thru all of this at 9 weeks. Would love to hear others experience with the debilitating depression they suffered thru.

Prosthetic fitting immediately after below-knee amputation.

I am a 55 year old woman and I had TKR on the right knee November 11, 2014. Then 3 weeks later while still using a walker, I had TKR on the left knee December 2, 2014. Hospitla stay was just overnight for both surgeries. For anyone considering it… ready….this surgery is painful and the healing takes a lot of time and energy.
It is no joke!
words of wisdom:
Get the raised toilet seat-it makes your life easier.
If you do the exercises faithfully it will hurt but it will help you progress to healing much faster.
Suck it up and do what they tell you but DO NOT over do it! You will definatley know when you have done too much and you will suffer for it.

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