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A mastectomy is performed in breast cancer, ..

Lorde’s experience with breast cancer surgery and her refusal of the prosthesis leads her to be powerful.

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Breast Cancer: Dressing After Mastectomy - HealthCentral

Lorde’s presence and call for women with breast cancer to be visible in the society is considered a "source of identity and motivation." [] Moreover, Lorde’s presence and visibility among her society and her friends is a sign of power, bravery, and heroism to her society’s negative attitudes towards women with a mastectomy.

As many as 90% of women who have undergone mastectomy or lumpectomy for breast cancer ..

What made her give up her breasts: a qualitative study on decisional considerations for contralateral prophylactic mastectomy among breast cancer survivors undergoing BRCA1/2 genetic testing.

After the Mastectomy - Breast Cancer

Comparison of psychological influence on breast cancer patients between breast-conserving surgery and modified radical mastectomy.

She mentions that, "Self-scrutiny and an evaluation of our lives, while painful, can be rewarding and strengthening journeys towards a deeper self." [] Furthermore, the breast cancer surgery led her to know herself better and wisely after her disapproval of the prosthesis.

For patients who do not choose breast reconstruction, breast prostheses can help to recapture the look and feel a woman had prior to her lumpectomy, mastectomy, reduction or uneven reconstruction.
ustom breast forms can be fabricated to give a more natural appearance by matching the patient’s natural contours and skin color, resulting in a better fit and more symmetrical look.

External Breast Prostheses Options After Breast Cancer

After her mastectomy, she does not see her breast cancer surgery as a disability that should be hidden from other people by wearing the prosthetic device, but rather she accepts staying without it to represent her true beauty.

the attitude towards prosthesis after breast cancer is an index of this society’s attitudes towards women in general as decoration and externally defined sex object." [] After Lorde’s attitude with the nurse, she thinks to ".

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    A mixed-methods cohort study to determine perceived patient benefit in providing custom breast prostheses.

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Reconstructive breast surgery following mastectomy …

Instead of putting the prosthetic device on her breast to be more accepted in her society, the society must change its views towards women with breast cancer because the society can change its views but not our identities.

Local recurrence of breast cancer around a prosthesis …

Consequently, Lorde’s rejection of the nurse’s and the doctor’s attitude towards the prosthesis gives her a power to increase her perception to call other women with breast cancer to change the negative societal attitudes towards them:

Local recurrence of breast cancer around a prosthesis dome ..

The nurse’s reaction to Lorde, when Lorde refused to have the prosthesis, does not influence her; therefore, Lorde’s mastectomy is seen by the nurse as something stigmatized, and Lorde must hide it by the prosthesis.

Breast Cancer after Prophylactic Bilateral Mastectomy …

As Diane Price Herndl mentions in her article "Reconstructing the Posthuman Feminist Body Twenty Years after Audre Lorde’s Cancer Journals," "Lorde begins the work of giving voice to women and to women issues that had remained hidden, shameful, unspoken." [] She not only encourages herself to speak in public about her breast cancer, but also encourages other women who had breast cancer to avoid silence and start sharing their feelings to the people in their societies.

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Unlike other women with disabilities, Lorde does not see her mastectomy as a disability and does not label herself as a disabled woman; but rather, Lorde considers herself and other women with breast cancer as warriors in a great war: "women with breast cancer are warriors.

Mastectomy: What to Expect - Breast Cancer …

Therefore, I argue that, through Lorde’s consideration of her mastectomy as an identity, self-power, and pride, she encounters and sees wearing the prosthesis as a form of colonialism which colonizes her body’s freedom and her identity.

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