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Speech Synthesis Manager | Apple Developer …

Apple hired many speech recognition researchers in . After about a year, they demoed a technology codenamed . It was released as part of the PlainTalk package in . Although available for all PowerPC Macintoshes and some 68k machines, it has typically not been part of the default system install. The user had to do a custom installation of the OS to get speech recognition capabilities.

AVSpeechSynthesizer - AVFoundation | Apple …

Text-to-speech has been a part of every Mac OS X version. The Victoria voice was enhanced significantly in , and was dubbed Vicki. The size of the voice was almost 20 times greater, because of the higher-quality diphone samples used.

Spesynto Speech Synthesis on the App Store - iTunes - Apple

google chrome - Speechsynthesis voice with Apple - …

The problem is that when I load up a page over the internet using Apple machines, the voice changes to a very inferior male one. I am assuming this is a local speech synthesis kicking in.

My problem is: I'm working on a simple app for kids to learn colors and rather than recording the names of the colors in each language i want to support and storing them as audio files, i'd rather generate the sounds at runtime with some text-to-speech feature.

Mac GUI :: Re: Apple Speech Synthesis

"Speech Synthesis," Kim Silverman, Apple - YouTube

If you are developing a commercial or industrial software product, you canlicense the SoftVoice text-to-speech system for inclusion. Licensing of theSoftVoice TTS engine can be done in a number of ways, including (but notlimited to):
- A per-unit royalty with large-volume discounts, or
- A yearly subscription, or
- A single, one-time fee.

For information on licensing the SoftVoice TTS engine - or for generalquestions - please contact us at: for details.

Apple's speech recognition is voice-command oriented, i.e. not intended for dictation. It can be configured to listen for commands only when a hot key is pressed, or after being addressed with an activation phrase such as or . A graphical status monitor, often in the form of an animated character, provides visual and textual feedback about listening status, available commands and actions taken. It can also communicate back with the user using speech synthesis.

i'd rather generate the sounds at runtime with some text-to-speech ..
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    21/03/2012 · Q: Hang on Logic Pro 9 Launch Searching for Audio Unit Plug-ins (Apple:AU Speech Synthesis)

  • Apple cart: a speech synthesis program. Chris Adams.

    08/01/2014 · One of the great additions buried in iOS 7 is the text to speech synthesizer API

  • Review: Speech Synthesizers For Atari And Apple

    25, Apple received a patent for a method that would greater enhance naturalness in its speech synthesizer

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First Maltese text-to-speech app for Apple devices

: Our Macintosh computers have Apple's PlainTalk, whose Bruce andVictoria voices come from our lab's own Bruce and Victoria. Someinformation about using it is provided and . In the pastsome folks have played around with for text to speechof understudied languages.

06/08/2017 · Machine Learning Journal

In , Apple invested a lot of work into speech recognition technology, hiring many respected researchers in the field. The result was released as "PlainTalk" with the AV of . It was made a standard system component in , and has since been shipped on all and even some 68k Macintoshes.

Apple is now taking a step forward to utilize deep ..

Apple's text-to-speech uses diphones. Compared to other methods of synthesising speech, it is not very resource-intensive, but there is a limit to how natural the synthesis can get. See the article for details. American English and Spanish versions have been available, but the current version supports exclusively American English.

Speech synthesis is the artificial production of human speech

Eventually, Apple released a supported speech synthesis system, called MacInTalk 2. It supports any Macintosh running or later. It remained the recommended version for slower machines even after the release of MacInTalk 3 and Pro.

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