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How to Write Literature Review APA Style

Do you have an amazing research project and need to make a literature review of the related books to submit?

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Guidelines for Writing a Literature Review

: a literature review and an annotated bibliography are not synonymous. with the literature review, the length of this report may vary by course or by journal, but most often it will be determined by the scope of the research conducted. of an abstract for a literature reviewhere is a sample of how to write an abstract for literature review in light of the previously mentioned scenario:cloud computing is a technology that brings many advantages with it for businesses that adopt it.

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There are other way to organise your review if you find the above suggestions unhelpful. If your thesis is a two-topic thesis, you can use these two variables as your guide for the organisation of the literature review. If your thesis examines many variables, then the funnel-format is the other way to organise your review.

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You will work together with our team instructing them on how to write your literature review.

The following is a guide to structuring your literature review based on Newman, Benz, Weis, and McNeil (1997). It is recommended that the literature review forms one separate chapter of your thesis. This is most common when the research problem is defined early on and remains relatively unchanged. However, if the direction of the study changes due to new research findings, then new literature may need to be included in subsequent sections or chapters. Each sub-section of the suggested review structure will be expanded upon separately.

As you review books and journals, write down the topic words that you have selected. It is suggested that you create a mind map of the all of the terms that apply to your topic before conducting a literature search. This mind map can then be used to guide your literature search as well as making sure that you discuss pertinent concepts in the review itself. See an .

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The main attribute of a good literature review is that it is well structured.

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We understand that literature review is the foundation for your prospective thesis; therefore we put our best efforts to complete it.
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  • Many of these will contain published examples of literature reviews

    This section is a review of the literature on the instruments or measures you will use as part of your study.

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    Selected Links to Resources on Writing a Literature Review; Step 1: Review APA guidelines

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To assist you better with writing literature review, you will be asked to specify your research topic and, if possible, provide us some information on how you are going to structure and focus your future thesis.

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Before you emulate what you have read, be aware that plagiarism extends to copying the structure of others' work, so please acknowledge any influences appropriately. In addition, to assist you in organising your review, see your supervisor or department to identify the format of your thesis, as this can impact the organisation of the literature review (Mauch & Birch, 1998).

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The information in the literature review is synthesised, or brought together to form a cohesive whole. Those who read the review should clearly understand the reasons for selecting your research area or question, its relationship to past work, and the central procedures that have been employed by past investigations. In addition, they should know the weaknesses of past studies and how your research contributes to this field in the advancement of knowledge.

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You may find it difficult to find information for this section, especially in new fields of research. Still, even in ground-breaking research, there should be some theoretical foundation upon which your work rests. There may not be a strong link in this case, but it does help if there is some basis for your work, albeit indirect. Whatever topics you include in your review, they must bear some relationship to your focus. Though you may not find literature that specifically relates to your topic you should integrate key points from related studies that to allow you to make inferences and indicate what you expect to happen in your study.

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