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Adapt a Bra to Accommodate a Prosthesis Threads Magazine, editor

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Breast Forms | Breast Prosthesis | Silicone ..

The completion of the surgery can improve self-esteem and praise aspects of femininity of women being given from the age of 16. Patients troubled by the small size of their breasts, whose weight loss and/or pregnancy alter the shape and size, or those suffering from asymmetries, can be benefited by this surgery. Furthermore, using the mammary breast reconstruction prosthesis (silicone) can be performed with excellent results.

at Adapt a Bra to Accommodate a Prosthesis
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I was a 40 D and already wearing the underwires...the prosthesis fit right in and I really didn't need a pocket or new bras. For swim suits, I used the poofy form like purplemb. For my riding gear, I took my leathers to the bike shows and had the leatherworks folks adapt my halters and vests with pockets for the prosthesis and an underwire cup for the real breast. Worked well.

Adapt a Bra to Accommodate a Prosthesis…

Breast Forms | Silicone breast forms | Breast prosthesis
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Yes, I did. My bras worked so much better than the others. The reason, when I had boobs I was built without cleavage, more fullness on the sides. So when I tried the others they center the boobs right in front and that looked weird to me. I was always use to plunging bras. I use a bra thats discontinued its a Olga's Christina 36D. You can buy the material on line or any Breast Prostheses store. My second bra I uses leopard stretchy material that my mom made a blouse out of. sewing them in by hand was hard, I followed the outline of the cup. my bra in under-wire so I feel and look normal and can wear tight shirts.

May be worn on eather side. Deficits in the breast tissue can be perfectly and invisibly concealed with supple and snug compensation aids of skin-friendly silicone which adapt imerdiately to body temperature. This breast prosthesis can be individually adapted for confidence and comfort.

Breast prostheses, bras and clothes after surgery

Amoena Adapt Light 3A Moldable Breast Form - …
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For the silicone implant is important to note that a skin with little elasticity can break and stretch (appearance of striae) occur if the prosthesis is too big. Or if there is excessive laxity (as often happens with women who have had children and breastfed), leftover skin can occur if the prosthesis is too small. One of the main factors related to the success of plastic surgery breast augmentation is the choice of prosthesis. For the format of the sinuses becomes natural and the most sensual as possible, it is necessary that the surgeon watch out for the characteristics of the body and the skin of every woman, that are very different according to their ancestry and their habits.

(If you liked Amoena Individual, you will love to Adapt!) FIT ..
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