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be expressed in the silk fibroin and form its natural ..

(2005) Structural study of irregular amino acid sequences in the heavy chain of bombyx mori silk fibroin.

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contains the protein fibroin, ..

(2005) Possible implications of serine and tyrosine residues and intermolecular interactions on the appearance of silk istructure of bombyx mori silk fibroin-derived synthetic peptides: high-resolution 13c cross-polarization/magic-angle spinning NMR study.

(2001) Silk fibroin: structural implications of a remarkable amino acid sequence.

The fibroin molecules consist of crystalline fibers constructed of regularly paralleled, unfolded polypeptide chains of polyglycylalanine mixed with an amorphous part....

Fibroin is formed from a combination of two proteins, ..

Effect of silk sericin (SS) concentration on the concentration changes of each bottom and upper layer during the gelation of silk fibroin (SF; Figure S1). Effect of silk sericin (SS) (0.50%, w/v) on the increase in gelation time at different silk fibroin (SF) concentrations (Figure S2). Effect of phase-separated silk sericin (SS) on the secondary structure (a) and XRD crystal properties of silk fibroin (SF); (b) during the initial 1 h incubation period (Figure S3). Effect of phase-separated silk sericin (SS) on the secondary structure (a) and XRD crystal properties of silk fibroin (SF); (b) during further 48 h aging without upper sericin phase (Figure S4). Water dissolution and enzymatic degradation properties of silk fibroin (SF) gel phase-separated with different concentration of silk sericin (SS) and further incubation without upper layer for 48 h (Figure S5; ).

Figure 6. Effect of phase-separated silk sericin (SS) concentration on the mechanical properties of silk fibroin (SF) hydrogel: (a) compressive strength and (b) relationship between random coil structure proportion and compressive modulus. The error bars represent the s.d. of the different observations ( = 4).

so most research is focused on synthesis of spider silk ..

Figure 5. Effect of phase-separated silk sericin (SS) on silk fibroin (SF) gel’s secondary structure derived from IR measurements (a) and XRD spectra (b).

Natural silk spinning offers several advantages over the synthetic fiber spinning, although the underlying mechanisms of this process are yet to be fully elucidated. Silkworm silks, specifically , comprise two main proteins: fibroin, which forms the fiber, and sericin, a coextruded coating that acts as a matrix in the resulting nonwoven composite cocoon. To date, most studies have focused on fibroin’s self-assembly and gelation, with the influence of sericin during spinning receiving little to no attention. This study investigates sericin’s effects on the self-assembly of fibroin via their natural phase-separation. Through changes in sample opacity, FTIR, and XRD, we report that increasing sericin concentration retards the time to gelation and β-sheet formation of fibroin, causing it to adopt a Silk I conformation. Such findings have important implications for both the natural silk spinning process and any future industrial applications, suggesting that sericin may be able to induce long-range conformational and stability control in silk fibroin, while being in a separate phase, a factor that would facilitate long-term storage or silk feedstocks.

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  • The major amino acids in the protein fibroin ..

    Asakura T, Okushita K, Williamson MP (2015) Analysis of the structure of bombyx mori silk fibroin by NMR.


    Structural analysis of the fibroin gene at the 5' end and its surrounding regions.

  • The above-described protein synthesis published in WO01 / 70973A1

    Nylon is a generic designation for a family of synthetic polymers, based on aliphatic or semi-aromatic polyamides

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International Journal of Nanomedicine - Dove Press

Well-documented studies of spider silk properties have been published by Kaplan et al., Gosline et al., Viney, and Vollrath, among others. The production of natural and synthetic silk has been recently reviewed by Hinman et al., Vollrath and Knight, Lazaris et al., and Jin and Kaplan.

28/09/2006 · Original Article

Spider silk is an unusually strong, resilient, and elastic fiber protein that is only surpassed—in some of its properties—by synthetic high-performance fibers. compares some selected properties of silk fibers with those of several synthetic fibers. Silk fibers are nearly as strong as the manmade materials, and have an unbeatable capacity for absorbing energy, also called resilience, which can be quantified by the area under the stress-strain curve measured in a tensile test. This ability to store energy, and the fact that most of the energy is dissipated as the fiber deforms, enable spiders to intercept and catch their prey, absorbing their kinetic energy. This property makes silk fibers attractive for many applications in which energy absorption is the design parameter. Another interesting feature of silk fibers is the way they are produced: spiders spin silk in an aqueous medium, at room temperature, and from common materials. In addition, silk is recyclable and biodegradable.

James Shapiro, M.D., Ph.D., Camillo Ricordi, M.D., Bernhard J

Spiders rely on
their silk for a variety of functions, and their silk are
exceptionally light, tough, stiff, and extensible even when
compared to the strongest synthetic materials.

chondrocyte adhesion and cartilage synthesis.

Although research is still at an early
stage and ongoing, it is only a matter of time before spider silk can be successfully synthesized
for industrial use.

Spider Silk as a Biomaterial by Ruoting Wang - …

However, extraction of
silk from spiders is not cost effective, so most research is focused on synthesis of spider silk
either chemically or using DNA recombinant technology.

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